It's been a long time...

...or actually I feel like that.

About two weeks ago our Metropolis congress ended abruptly. And now people are going to meet again in this virtual place. It's the only possibility to stay in contact over the long periods of time that we're not going to meet each other again.

as Dayday said
The happy days i spent with all the friends will remain in my memory forever

By now, I really cannot imagine what impact these few days will have on my life. I have some ideas and as time passes, even now, my whole planning for the future is in a changing process. (If I ever had a plan...I don't know.)

Let's just try to do whatever we want and find out...I don't know.

Remember, we were the ones stating that our visions are a first step towards a world citizenship.

Alright, I hope we can also keep on working together as it might be possible at the METROPOLISyouth wiki page. Try it, please. And feel free to do there whatever you want, because everything can be changed again and again by everybody.

And our future? My vision is a page at the official Metropolis site... " " ...

hehe, cya